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About me


2020 – present

German Historical Institute London

Full-time translator and editor, working on historical research spanning all periods from the medieval to the modern

2012 – 2014

Amazon EU

Full-time in-house translator

& Recognition

  • Winner, 2022 Austrian Cultural Forum London Translation Prize

  • Second prize, 2020 Geisteswissenschaften International Non-Fiction Translation competition

  • Longlisted, 2019–20 BCLA/BCLT John Dryden Translation Competition

  • Runner-up, 2014 Harvill Secker Young Translators Prize

& Development

  • April 2023: selected participant in Internationales Übersetzertreffen, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin

  • December 2022: selected participant in BCLT Advanced DE–EN Translation Workshop led by Katy Derbyshire and Cian McCourt (Verso Books)

  • Summer 2021: BCLT Summer School, led by Michele Hutchison and Alfred Schaffer

  • December 2020: GINT Translab academic translation workshop led by Shelley Frisch

  • October–December 2019: Dutch–English literary translation mentorship with David Doherty

  • November 2019: selected participant in Cove Park Translation Week residency

  • May 2019: GINT Translab translation workshop led by Ruth Martin

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