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Maartje Wortel, Something has to Happen

A collection of three short stories translated from Dutch as part of the VERZET project – a series of eight chapbooks showcasing new Dutch writing.

Something has to happen.png

Jutta Maria Hermann, The Evil in You

Translation from German of Jutta Maria Herrmann's thriller Böse bist du for Thomas & Mercer.

The Evil in You.jpg

Martin Krüger, Don't Wake Me

Translation from German of Martin Krüger's thriller Weck mich nie for Thomas & Mercer

Krüger Don't Wake Me.jpg

Anna Johannsen, Death on the Beach

Translation for Thomas & Mercer of Book Two of the Island Mystery series by German author Anna Johannsen (original title: Das Mädchen am Strand).

Johannsen Death on the Beach.jpg

Tara Haigh, On Far Malayan Shores

Translation of best-selling German title Das weiße Blut der Erde for Lake Union Publishing.

Haigh Far Malayan Shores.jpg

Nova Lee Maier, Mother Dear

Translation for Amazon Crossing of Lieve Mama by bestselling Dutch author Esther Verhoef

Mother Dear.jpg

Extracts and short pieces

Benjamin Quaderer, Forever the Alps

Translation from German of an excerpt from Für immer die Alpen by Liechtensteinian author Benjamin Quaderer, published in No Mans' Land.

Maartje Wortel, 'A Hunger to Soothe'

Translation from Dutch of a short story by award-winning Dutch author Maartje Wortel, published as a 'Translation Tuesday' feature on the Asymptote Blog.

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